George Rottkamp

Cartoonist / Comic Artist
Graphic Designer

Welcome to my Gallery!

Hey everyone! My name is George Rottkamp, and I am a Cartoonist and Graphic Designer from Long Island. This gallery contains commercial work, as well as personal projects. Feel free to have a look around!

Life of LydieSay Hello to Lydie!

Life of Lydie is a comic book series about a girl entering middle school named Lydie. The story so far raises awareness of bullying while empowering children in school who are faced with mistreatment. For more information on Lydie, check out:


Venture Party: Card Game

Venture Party: Fantasy Card Game

Introducing Venture Party, a tabletop card game I’ve been working on with Erik Fox-Jackson! Manage your disposable party members, collect loot, and try to deduce what other players have in a humorous, fantasy setting! For more info and art, head over to:

VENTURE PARTY: Card Game on Facebook


George on Dorkly

Say what? Illustrations for Dorkly?!

It's been a little while since I first got in touch with, but it's been a fun experience creating comic strips with them. To see all of the comics I've worked on so far, check out:

George Rottkamp's art on


Geo The Hero Youtube

Hang out with Gaming and Art Videos!

Check out Geo The Hero on YouTube! Tune in to see me play a variety of games and create art in my quest to become a HERO! Don't be shy, come on by:

Geo The Hero's Youtube Channel