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• Adobe Photoshop
• Adobe Illustrator
• Adobe InDesign
• Manga Studio 5
• Cartoon Illustration
• Comic Design
• Branding and Identity
• Editorials
• Logos
• Posters


Venture Party: Card Game
Life of Lydie comic series
Dorkly Comic Artist
• Design Agency Intern


Bachelor's of Technology
Visual Communications

George's BioGeorge Rottkamp is an illustrator and graphic designer from Long Island.  His passion for illustration shows in all of his design work, particularly cartoon illustration. He uses this ability for Commercial Art jobs, such as book covers, logos, comic books, and character designs.

As a dedicated Student, George performed well throughout his College Career to earn his Bachelor's degree for Visual Communications. He is currently developing his own comic book series about anti-bullying called Life of Lydie, and co-developing a fantasy card game called Venture Party.

Many of George’s interests while growing up have influenced his Art. The various characters from Cartoons, Video games, and Comic Books have influenced him to experiment to develop his own style.