My name is George Rottkamp also known as GeoTheHero, here to create ART, play GAMES, and make FRIENDS for everlasting peace!

I am a professional Illustrator and Graphic Designer with a long life passion for Cartoon Illustration. I can do all manner of Characters, Backgrounds, Animation, Emotes, Overlays, Logos and Branding, and much more! Take a look through my Portfolio gallery or my Comic Strips to see what I’m made of!

I also LOVE to STREAM some ARTand VIDEO GAMES, so I’ve been diving into the world of content creation on Twitch and YouTube. I stream games from Nintendo, Mega Man, Sonic, Resident Evil, and indie games. I tend to gravitate toward fast paced 2D action games, but I like to mix in variety every now and then. So don’t be shy, come say hi during one of my streams!

But maybe… just maybe, you are here for a COMMISSION! I am trained as a Commercial Artist and an Illustrator, so I am equipped to handle any of your commission needs! I can handle anything you see on this website from Icons, Stream Assets, Branding, Characters, Comics, Greeting Cards, Animation and more.

Just shoot me an email at GRottkamp@gmail.com so we can talk about your project goals, and I’ll come up with an appropriate quote. So, if that’s what you need, THEN I AM THE HERO YOU’VE BEEN LOOKING FOR! 🦸‍♂️

If you join our Hero Hangout Discord Server, then maybe we can even talk sometime! We play games, talk about art, music, life and voice chat. It’s a very friendly and open environment, so if that sounds like something for you, then join today!