I am George Rottkamp also known as GeoTheHero. I am a professional Illustrator and Graphic Designer with a love for Cartoon Illustration. While I was trained for Commercial Art, I always fancied myself an cartoonist, so I guess deep down to my core I tried to integrate that into my design work whenever I could!

I’ve spent many years pouring my heart and soul into a variety of projects, with client work ranging from comic strips and rendering (CollegeHumor / Drawfee), card game design (Venture Party Card Game), character creation, and content branding. No matter the project, my clients and audience are satisfied to become a part of that world with me, and I am happy to grow from it. There are some out there looking to use artists with very one sided business arrangements, exposure, and high hopes, and I hate to admit that I’ve been let down through a couple of those. But every positive new connection I make helps me feel validated to want to continue pursuing this passion!

My creative work often translates over to my art & gaming streams over at the GeoTheHeroLIVE Twitch Channel where I hold Hero Hangouts! I often improve the look of the channel with layouts and animation, work on current commission projects, or make appealing thumbnails for any current gaming content. The community is also passionate to grow through passions, talk about life, entertainment, and just about everything. They are a great support system outside of my IRL life, and it’s hard to imagine not communicating with them now.

I believe that we should all live our valuable lives trying to do what we love. That’s what I strive to do with my career, gaming, and spending time with my community of friends and heroes. So let’s push forward together to accomplish all of our dreams, live life to the fullest, and strive for everlasting peace! Much love, and I’ll see you out there! <3

George Rottkamp (GeoTheHero)